Guidelines for measles and rubella outbreak preparedness and response in the Western Pacific Region 


ARIA is leading the development of measles and rubella preparedness and response guidelines for the Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) of the World Health Organization (WHO). The guidelines are aimed at enabling Member States to prepare for and rapidly respond to measles and rubella outbreaks. 


The project aims to:

  • assist Member States in the Western Pacific Region (WPR) to prepare for and prevent outbreaks of measles and rubella
  • develop operational and relevant guidelines that take into consideration the immense variation in geography, population size, immunisation programs and surveillance systems across the region. 


The guidelines will be developed using existing frameworks, evidence review and expert opinion from within the region. They will also include inputs gained through country consultations. 


These guidelines will: 

  • contribute towards the ability of Member States to detect, respond to and prevent outbreaks, which is crucial for achieving elimination of diseases along with increasing vaccination coverage 
  • enable Member States to investigate outbreaks for better understanding of the disease epidemiology
  • contribute towards the implementation of the Measles Outbreaks Strategic Response Plan in the region.

Project team 

Lead: Associate Professor Meru Sheel, Australian National University (ANU) 
Study team: Md Saiful Islam, Research Fellow, Australian National University (ANU) 


For any enquiries, please email the ARIA secretariat.