Immunisation education and training program development and delivery


An immunisation education training program has been developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO), for implementation in select Pacific Island countries. The program is designed for mid-level healthcare managers and covers the following modules:

  • Module 1. The role of the EPI manager
  • Module 2: Solving immunisation problems
  • Module 3: Planning
  • Module 4: Communication and community involvement
  • Module 5: Costing and financing 
  • Module 6: Vaccine stock management
  • Module 7: Cold chain management
  • Module 8: Monitoring immunisation systems
  • Module 9: Immunisation safety
  • Module 10: New vaccine introduction
  • Module 11: Planning and monitoring SIAs
  • Module 12: Surveillance of VPDs
  • Module 13: Supportive supervision
  • Module 14: Conducting an EPI review


The aim of this project is to: 

  • strengthen immunisation services and improve vaccination coverage by building local capacity beyond the lifespan of the project
  • strengthen the capacity of mid-level healthcare managers supporting immunisation service delivery
  • provide participants with  region-specific education materials, including comprehensive information, self-assessment quizzes and educational scenarios. 


The delivery methods for the training modules will be determined in collaboration with WHO WPRO. 


Select Pacific Island Countries, yet to be decided. 

Project team

  • Burnet Institute
  • National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance 
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

For any enquiries, please email the ARIA Secretariat.