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New video to support COVID-19 vaccination uptake in Timor-Leste

Researchers from the Menzies School of Health working in Timor-Leste have developed a new video, in collaboration with the Timor-Leste Ministry of Health and the Australian Regional Immunisation Alliance (ARIA), to share the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines with the local community in their own language.

This new video encourages parents and carers to consider the COVID-19 vaccine for their children aged 12 years and older. It also encourages people who have already had two doses of the vaccine more than four months ago to receive a booster dose . 

The video features various team members from the Menzies Timor-Leste office, including project coordinators, nurses and doctors, and local community members. The video is available in seven languages: Mambae, Makasae, Kemak, Bunak, Fataluku, Baikenu and Tetun and can be  viewed on the Menzies Facebook page.

Support for this video was provided through the Australian Expert Technical Assistance Program for Regional COVID-19 Vaccine Access: Policy, Planning and Implementation (AETAP-PPI) as part of the Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative (VAHSI) led by Australian Government's Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security (CHS).

The Menzies School of Health research team is an ARIA member and is currently working on projects in Timor-Leste to support COVID-19 and other vaccine preventable disease surveillance through the ARIA-RISE project. Learn more about ARIA-RISE projects in Timor-Leste here.

Read more about the Menzies support for Timor-Leste here.